SITREP #00228

reported by Robin Haugo on November 14, 2018

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Roadmap Blog, Warlords Update, Community Playsession


In this report, we'll be checking out the latest update on our roadmap for 2018, and we'll specifically discuss the upcoming Warlords Update. We'll also briefly cover our first ever Community Playsession livestream, for which we joined the 4th Infantry Brigade in one of their mil-sim operations. And, as always, we'll report on some of the latest activity in the Arma 3 community.


Last Wednesday we shared an update on our 2018 roadmap. We recommend reading the devblog in full if you’re interested in what we still have in store for this year, and to learn more about our plans for Arma 3 in 2019. One of the key takeaways is that, after 5 years of post-release support and Arma 3 becoming a more stable platform, the game will be moving into a more experimental stage. This involves us undertaking somewhat unconventional smaller and bigger projects, as well as working with outside developers to publish original third-party DLC for Arma 3.

As some of you may remember, we posted an April fools' joke last year where we revealed the Arma 3 SwitchMove DLC. Little did we know that one of our community members would make this a reality. Asaayu is here to present you with the Arma 3 SwitchMove DLC as a free mod that you can download on the Steam Workshop right now! We had to try it out, and it's definitely different from anything you'd expect to see in Arma 3. Check it out and let Asaayu know what you think!


We're currently doing the last preparations ahead of the release of the Warlords Update. Besides that, there are two other notable updates related to our recent development progress worth mentioning:

In a previous SITREP we talked about magazine proxies. This is a feature that allows you to use several visual types of magazines in the same weapon. Unfortunately, the data implementation of the functionality will not be quite ready yet for the Warlords Update, as it still requires some more updates to Arma 3's vanilla weapons. The update does already prepare the configuration data for community mods to utilize this feature and some of the vanilla magazines. We aim to share more technical details on this on our forums.

For some time we've been bothered by how short the audible distances of our ground vehicles were. With a twist to a famous quote, one could say: "if you hear a tank, it's already too late". With Edita as the on-site consultant and after several hearing impairment accidents, we're happy to report that this has been improved. You should now be able to hear a tank coming from a vast distance, or know if there is a tank inside a village close to you. This feature has also been adjusted in accordance with what a player would expect from various types and sizes of vehicles. That means that a tank is louder than an APC, and an APC is louder than a truck, and so on.


We recently began public testing of the upcoming Warlords Update (1.86) via our public Release Candidate (RC-Branch). This makes it possible for you to test the Warlords multiplayer mode ahead of its official deployment. If you'd like to take part in the testing, and assist us in improving the update before release, you can find some more relevant information here.