Keep track of daily Arma 3 development progress, straight from the team, and let us know what you think!

Since its first public release, we have published the very latest development build to a special development Steam branch every working day. Its goals are as follows:

  • To test our team's work publicly, immediately and always.
  • To validate ideas, try out concepts, experiment with technologies and gather player feedback on it all.
  • To be as transparent as possible about our progress.
  • To discover potential issues in the broad and varied player base. This is complementary to our in-house testing by the various QA teams.
  • To allow mod teams and other custom content creators to prepare for changes and adapt their works if necessary, and to give them a chance to help iterate on upcoming development.

We believe this approach lets us create a better game that is influenced by player feedback throughout development. Your help is very much appreciated!


  • Do not use this branch unless you would like to participate testing or are otherwise interested in it. For regular players, we recommend staying on the default main branch.
  • This daily experimental build undergoes little in-house testing before it is published. It is possible for serious issues to be present, or even for major components to be temporarily broken entirely.
  • Multiplayer is not compatible with main branch. You will not be able to play on main branch servers, thus restricting you to a smaller range of testing servers.
  • No Linux Dedicated Server package is available for this build.
  • Mods or other custom content may not yet be compatible with this build.
  • Steam client is limited to one branch being installed at a time, so switching branches involves re-downloading data (see a potential work-around below).
  • Consider your bandwidth, because updates can range from several megabytes to hundreds of megabytes.
  • This build is not 100% representative of a main branch build. It may contain special diagnostics that can affect performance for example.
  • While main branch updates are the culmination of the collected Dev-Branch changes since the last update, not all changes on Dev-Branch necessarily appear in the next update.


Opt into the Dev-Branch in your Steam client:

  • Right-click on Arma 3.
  • Select Properties.
  • Access the BETAS tab.
  • Select development - Development Build from the drop-down list.
  • Let the game update itself to the development build.
    • To ensure a valid build, consider verifying the integrity of the local game cache using Steam client.

You can use our Game Updater tool to install multiple branches on your PC, including Dev-Branch. It can be found in the free Arma 3 Tools suite on Steam.


  • Daily change logs are published in this forums thread.
  • The best place to report issues is our Feedback Tracker (how to guide).
    • Please mark your exact version number and usage of Dev-Branch clearly.
    • Please also try to replicate the issue in the actual main branch build.
    • Please prioritize reports on issues new to the Dev-Branch build (not present in the actual main branch).
  • The Dev-Branch build can also be discussed in this forums discussion thread.

Thank you kindly for your help with making Arma 3 a better game!