• This list is a sampling of the most obvious known issues within our team. Also see our Feedback Tracker for reported issues. Visit the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., Arma 3 F.A.Q. or BattlEye F.A.Q. for common troubleshooting, or this guide for Launcher troubleshooting.
  • Savegames from previous versions may not be compatible with newer versions when loading (and vice versa).
  • Some anti-virus programs or firewalls can prevent the start of the game or hamper it running smoothly. If the game crashes on start-up or refuses to connect to any multiplayer sessions, please try to disable these programs (or configure them by adding exceptions as needed). Find more tips on configuration here.
  • Some routers / firewalls identify the Steam multiplayer server queries as spam traffic. See tips about configuring the Steam browser here.
  • If you are using a Killer network card (these can be on your motherboard), and you experience multiplayer BSODs, please try updating the drivers for this card.
  • You may encounter issues after upgrading to Windows 10 from another version of Windows. Doing a fully clean install of Windows 10 (or upgrade with loss of data - carefully back-up first please!) can resolve such issues. Some issues can be resolved by repairing common libraries after the upgrade.
  • Some recording software can cause game to crash (D3DGear for example).
  • Some applications or corrupted Steam installation might prevent Steam from starting the game and cause the following message be displayed: "Steam - Game Launcher Failed: Arma 3 failed to start (error code 81).", or they cause an unusual process exit with code 0x00000051. The following applications are known to cause the issue: spacedeskComodo Antivirus / Firewall.


  • When you are in weapon optics and change the Arma 3 key preset to the Industry Standard key preset, your weapon controls will not work properly.

Playable Content

  • If the Bootcamp recommendation pop-up does not go away after clicking 'NO', please try adding this entry to your user profile (.Arma3Profile): bootCampWarning = 1;
  • Player does not use stealth protocol when calling in supports in Showcase Supports.

Eden Editor

  • Irregular aspect ratios may result in the User Interface not correctly responding to mouse input (e.g. drop-down menus).


  • Rocket launchers clip with your head while swimming.
  • Warping resulting from leaning is still present.
  • Weapon Deployment in certain areas or on specific objects may result in character levitation or glitching.


  • The RadeonPro graphics card utility may cause the Launcher to crash. Disable it or add arma3launcher.exe to its compatibility list and set "Disable API detection".
  • The Raptr client may cause Launcher to crash.
  • The game may crash after starting the game from the Launcher when steam is not running before you start Launcher.
  • Mod authors can be listed as "Unknown" in the MODS tab in some cases.


  • There may be desync and bandwidth issues in the multiplayer environment. We are continuously optimizing the netcode to address this.
  • On some GPUs bench-marking causes GPU drivers to crash on game start-up ("Display driver stopped responding and has recovered")
    • Use -nobenchmark command line option
  • Picture-in-Picture may flicker on multi-core GPUs (forcing using only one core should hotfix the issue for now - being investigated by hardware partners)
  • Friendly AI takes you for an enemy if your mine kills a friendly soldier
  • Ambient life is not synchronized in MP
  • Shadows cast by divers' fins are present on land when two or more divers are in the scene
  • 32 bit OS users (especially with 2 GB of RAM) may experience low FPS on Altis island. Check this post for a potential work-around.
  • 32 bit game version users can experience a forced shutdown of the game when using the system memory allocator. Consider using the default memory allocator.
  • There are occasional glitches in vehicle PhysX simulation.
  • Use of unsupported memory tweaks in combination with unofficial memory allocators (example) may cause unexpected errors, including crashes.
  • Players reconnecting to the same server may not see their name on the scoreboard.
  • The game may terminate in an unusual way.
  • You may see light blue vegetation appearing as you move through the environment and the LODs change. Please try to re-install or update your GPU drivers.
  • If the game does not progress from the initial loading screen, try deleting the file in the Arma 3 root installation folder and then restarting the game.



  • If you experience stuttering during scenes with a lot of sound effects after the 1.54 update, you can try configuring your Windows sound Default Format to 16 bit, 44100 Hz as a temporary work-around.

Graphical User Interface

  • The shadow of letters positioning is not tuned.
  • While changing interface size, texts may change size inappropriately.
  • Difficulty settings can be changed only in Create Game, but not in Server Control.
  • The selected tab in the dialogue doesn't have a permanent highlight.
  • The F12 key is reserved for Steam print screen (re-configurable in Steam Client).
  • Shift + TAB is reserved for Steam Community in-game (re-configurable in Steam Client). Even just Shift sometimes opens this overlay when it should not.
  • Some texts in different languages than English may be cropped.
  • Action icons may be positioned incorrectly for certain external camera angles.

Dedicated Server

  • It is necessary to manually reconnect to BattlEye-enabled and password-protected servers after the game has been automatically restarted to enable BattlEye
  • When BattlEye is enabled, clients may get kicked immediately.
  • Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
  • Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game). Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;tank;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2 to your arma3server.exe shortcut.

Input Devices

  • TrackIR head-tracking users are advised to disable the TrueView setting for an optimal zooming experience.
  • Using non-standard keys as modifiers for control mappings may lead to issues (e.g. G + LCtrl instead of LCtrl + G).
  • To configure an analogue throttle to use more than half its range, please see this information.