TECHREP #00036

reported by Julien Vida on March 16, 2017

FROM: Tools Commissar
TO: Arma 3 Modders
CIRCUMSTANCES: Update 1.08 (Publisher, Work Drive, Samples)
SIZE: ~10 MB / ~502 MB



  • Publisher
    • Added: Detection of extensions, and marking mods as 64-bit or 32-bit according to the architecture of the DLL
    • Added: When publishing is terminated with validation error(s), a severity of the error (error/warning/info) is listed with the message (the publishing is stopped only because of an error, but warnings are also listed, though they didn't cause it to stop) (command-line Publisher only)
    • Changed: The UI has been sightly revisited
    • Changed: Detection and checks for signatures
  • Work Drive
    • Added: Ability to extract a single PBO and unbinarize its relevant content (/extract "U:\Path\to my file")
    • Added: Work Drive will refuse to process PurgeGameData and/or ExtractGameData startup parameters if the target is under SVN versioning
    • Added: Support for Arma 3 64-bit executables
    • Tweaked: Some error messages have been slightly improved
  • FSM Editor
    • Changed: SQF definitions updated to Arma 3 1.69+
    • Fixed: The shortcuts of FSM Editor were not usable on some computers
  • Terrain Builder
    • Fixed: Some connection issues with Buldozer
  • Addon Builder
    • Tweaked: Maintenance update
  • Steam Configuration
    • Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.08)


  • Addons
    • Added: Integrated items (in the Samples of Headgear)
    • Changed: Updated the test plane asset to support weapon groups (related to weapon switching)
  • Art
    • Added: Texture template of the LSV_01 (Prowler)
    • Added: Texture template of the LSV_02 (Qilin)
    • Added: Texture template of the Offroad_02 (MB 4WD)
    • Added: Texture template of the Plane_Civil_01 (Caesar BTT)
    • Added: Texture template of the VTOL_01 (V-44 X Blackfish)
    • Added: Texture template of the VTOL_02 (Y-32 Xi'an)
  • Scenario Design
    • Added: Samples of usage of the Sling Loading system
    • Added: Sample of a Combat Patrol scenario


  • In case of any issue, please, let us know on our usual channels: Feedback Tracker or the forums.
  • You can subscribe (for free) to the Tools and Samples packages from the Steam store. Once done, you will find these application in your Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools").
  • You will need to start the primary tool once to add all needed registry entries.