SITREP #00188

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on March 8, 2017

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: #Armachinima Awards Winners, Humble Bundle, Dev-Branch Additions


The development team is now in the final stages of preparing Update 1.68 for its release. At the moment, we're still polishing some things, and testing the update in a multiplayer environment. Aside from that, we're also investigating reports of crashes on 32-bit clients. Once we have all the last fixes ready and confirmed by our Quality Assurance department, we hope to release the update some time next week.


The #Armachinima Awards have concluded, and it's been a blast! After watching all of the videos from the top ten, members of the development team voted internally for their favorite video, and as a result, we announced the winners! Congratulations to KinglesPringles for taking the top spot with "BRASS". Spot-on, highly polished video editing, picture & music synchronization, great attention to detail: these are the attributes that made BRASS stand out. We'll be spotlighting more of the nominee entries in upcoming SITREPs.

Now that this contest has reached its finale, we would like to congratulate the winners yet again, and compliment all participants for their splendid work. Also, a big thanks goes out to everyone who showed their support by encouraging the creators and voting for their favorite entries. We are truly grateful and proud to see the determination, creativity, and comradery that drives the Arma community!

It is exactly four years now since Arma 3 was introduced to the Steam Early Access program with its Alpha release. To celebrate this remarkable anniversary, Project Lead Petr Kolář shares kind words to our players: "Fours years ago, Arma 3 went out in Public Alpha on the spearhead of Early Access (technically before the Early Access itself was introduced). The whole team was looking forward to the community reactions and got positively surprised - community members looking for the Supporters Edition of the game even managed to effectively 'DDoS' the Bohemia Store. The Arma 3 team was dedicated to deliver the best to you, the community, ever since. Meanwhile, we have managed to tackle many highly-requested features; and will continue to do so. Thank you for staying with us on the bumpy roads of Arma 3, time flies when you are having fun!"