SITREP #00221

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on July 17, 2018

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Encore Update RC, New Documentation


We've just made the Release Candidate (RC) of the upcoming Encore Update (version 1.84) available for public testing. This means we're very close to its official main branch release, and our team is working closely together with the people from BRAVO ZERO ONE Studios to resolve the final issues.


As the last step before deploying a new update, we usually make a Release Candidate build available. This RC build is meant to be identical to what should later become the main branch build. It allows us to weed out any last-minute issues that may have been missed in the Dev-Branch or internal development builds. It's also an opportunity for us to stress test the new game version in a multiplayer environment, which is where most issues typically occur. Plus, if needed, mod-makers can use this build to prepare their creations for the new game version. In the particular case of the Encore Update (version 1.84), we'll be delivering a bunch of free new assets to all Arma 3 players, such as the destroyer-class ship, SAM systems, and radar sites. Of course it's very important that these all work as intended. Hence, if you want to help out, you're more than welcome to check out the RC build and report any potential issues to our Feedback Tracker. Thank you in advance! If all goes well, we hope to officially release the Encore Update next week or the week thereafter. We'll let you know the exact date as soon as we've confirmed the RC build is functioning correctly.