SITREP #00210

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on January 23, 2018

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Project Leadership, Community Spotlight, Documentation


This SITREP breaks with tradition by starting with a brief announcement from Arma 3's Project Lead, Petr Kolář:

"It's been two years since Arma 3's previous Project Lead, Joris-Jan van 't Land, officially announced that I would take over his role as Arma 3 Project Lead. During that time, we've maintained the direction Joris set out, and Arma 3 got in even better shape since then. A lot of credit goes to our outstanding community of devoted players and content creators, but of course also to our dedicated development team, who have worked tirelessly on improving this precious game. Looking back on many great accomplishments, it's now time for me to pursue a different role within Bohemia Interactive, and so I have the honor to name the next person who will pick up the mantle of Project Lead: Vojtěch 'Iceman' Kovařič. I can say with complete confidence that he's the best person to keep Arma 3 moving forward.

Serving as my wing-man for some time now, Iceman was already the development guardian of the upcoming Tanks DLC, while also taking care of many Arma 3 Main- and Dev-Branch updates, as well as handling both internal communication, and some of the external communication (such as these SITREPs). With Tanks DLC, we're looking to introduce plenty of new improvements to the Arma 3 platform. Afterwards we intend to focus on stabilizing the platform and making it more stable for the many talented content creators in our community, which we believe ultimately benefits everyone. Arma 3 is more alive than ever, even though it's been more four years since the initial release, and with Iceman holding the reigns, its future is bright. Thank you for the support and for making the Armaverse better and better!"

Lord of the Bounce, Project Lead (ret.)


In this week's SITuation REPort we're showcasing several excellent community-made videos straight from the Armaverse. The first one is quite an unusual one! Studio 7.62 decided to create a short live-action movie that revolves around a flashpoint in Chernarus, the main terrain of Arma 2. By combining live-action with game footage (plus even a few shots of our own Bohemia Tank!), they managed to deliver a great atmosphere. Well done, Studio 7.62 - we cannot wait to see more!

The next piece takes advantage of the fact that day- and night cycles in Arma 3 are fully simulated. KnoWhatCeb created a splendid timelapse. By cleverly playing with time acceleration, viewers get to see different times of day, and they also get the opportunity to test their knowledge of the (again, simulated) star chart!