SITREP #00042

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on February 5, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Community Guide season 3, OPREP


Later this week we'll be premiering the third season of the Community Guide video series created in cooperation with Mr. ShackTactical himself: Andrew "Dslyecxi" Gluck. This episode will take a good look at Air Assault movements - inserting and extracting ground-based forces, by helicopters in this case.

In terms of development we are steadfastly progressing on all the tasks we mentioned before: daily and hilariously fun testing sessions of the new multiplayer 'thing', full production of the "Win" closing campaign act, and other new content. Another huge bit of technology that is getting a lot of attention is Steam Workshop for add-ons. Via the Make Arma Not War contest, you may have seen that we're busy working on this. We obviously started with scenarios, but it would be great to get add-ons in as well. It's a complex task, but we do have good progress. When we can be more certain of how things will work (e.g. publication from Addon Builder) and when it will see the light of day, we'll let you know.


A few new scripting commands have been documented on the forums, in part by Killzone Kid. Thanks!


Designer Radko Voda has kicked off a new kind of report in the Dev Hub: OPREPs. These reports are meant to share some insight into the goings-on of devbranch: new features / technologies, tweaks and the reasoning for them - behind-the-scenes Intel generally. The first OPREP discusses "Soldier Protection" and how we've tried to make the various forms of protection matter more, what we plan to do in the future, and how the factions differ in their approach to body armor.


In the previous SITREP we mentioned an update of the Make Arma Not War rules. In summary, the "Registration" section was rephrased to emphasize that entries remain the Intellectual Property of those who submit them. And, based on popular request, Community Base Addons were made the only exception allowed to be included as dependent third-party add-on. Take a look at the full rules section here!