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TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users
OPSUM: Introduction to Global Mobilization Update 1.5


Hello Arma 3 Community!

With its release just around the corner, we are excited to present the next major update for Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany (GM)! With the upcoming 1.5 update, we are shifting our focus to personal equipment and the experience of the battlefield. You can find the changelog here.

Find out here how to access the RC-Branch.


Content Overhaul

With Global Mobilization very soon marking its 4th anniversary, we have decided to give all weapons and vehicles a general overhaul.

All vehicles are now more refined, with more intricate details and improved appearances. Certain sounds have been revamped, many new vehicle customization options have been made available, and new variants have been introduced:

  • The SPW-60PA (DShKM) - an armed variant of the SPW-60PA
  • The SPW-40P2 (Ch) - a version of the BRDM-2 that allows you to place chemical detection markers

Note that this overhaul update will not require mods to redo their work!

All weapons have also been reworked, refining their shininess, contrast, and overall material look and representation. Also suppressed weapon sounds have been revamped, with each type of gun has been given a unique and extremely satisfying suppressed sound.

Of special note here is the AK family of weapons: All our AK rifle variants have gotten an in-depth model and animation rework.

Issues with model authenticity have been addressed so that factory markings, finishings, and other discrepancies distinguishing East German AK’s from those made in the Soviet Union are now noticeable to the trained eye.

Typ 2 Van

The Typ 2 Van is a legendary vehicle that was an every-day sight in the late 1980s and early 1990s across the globe. Being a total utility all-rounder, this four-wheeled transport has seen widespread use both in civilian and military (here with all-wheel drive) applications.

We’re introducing it in three general variants, but each have their own sub-variations as well: • Typ 247 - a flat-bed type transporter preferred by road utilities, construction companies, and other problem-solving services. A special variant for the fire department is available as well. • Typ 251 - a closed box-van type transporter ready to deliver goods from local firms, the mail, and perhaps even smuggle contraband. • Typ 253 - the classic people-carrier. You’ll find this version having space for eight people, of which one can act as a door-gunner if needed. The Typ 253 finds usage everywhere from family commuting to the police department or as taxi service.


The W123 is an absolutely iconic staple of 1980s motoring. As a bulky high quality product of German engineering, this set of wheels is worthy only of important statesmen, business executives, and other well-respected personalities in the West. It can seat four people inside, plus one unlucky (and totally not kidnapped) passenger in the trunk of the vehicle.

Stop, Police!

With the inclusion of the famed West German GSG 9, we’re introducing a complete set of new unique units. The GSG 9 show up in their W123 with a mix of SMGs, assault rifles, body armour, and a shotgun to crash your party. They’re usable in both 1980s and 1990s configurations, with the latter featuring more modern equipment.

East Germany’s counterpart actually did use West German weapons as well. It’s still fairly unclear where exactly these guns came from or how they made it into East Germany, but it’s proven that they had them, so we couldn’t resist adding them to GM.

Revolutionary Faction

These guys are here to cause chaos within society, pursuing their own political goals. Their tactics and equipment don’t quite reveal who has trained or supplied them, but either way, they’re not good company to keep. As independent forces they’re useful as foes on either side of the wall.


To equip these new factions properly, we’ve added more weapons:

  • G33 - a 5.56mm NATO variant of the G3
  • G53 - an SMG-style variant of the G3 in 5.56mm
  • PSG-1 - the famous sniper rifle of the GSG9
  • MSG90 - a variant of the PSG-1 suitable for military service
  • G3 variants - such as the G3SG1, G3KA4
  • G8 and MG8 precision machine guns
  • G11 - a gun using caseless ammo that needs winding up like a clock
  • SG 550 - famous Swiss service rifle from the 1990s and it’s shorter cousin the SG 551
  • SG 542 - a 7.62 rifle that heavily influenced the design and development of the SG 550
  • MZF 512 - a semi-automatic Shotgun
  • P2 - a Swiss hand gun from the late 40s
  • P1SD - a silenced version of the P1 handgun
  • PiMB - a silenced version of the PiM handgun
  • RPG-18 - disposable single-use Anti Tank Launcher
  • Many more AKM variants, including the LMG K 500 and the integrally suppressed MPi KMS-72KSD

GM had attachment issues, so in update 1.5 we dealt with them. The 1980s weren’t exactly a time of abundance for “tacticool” weapon attachments, but some existed nonetheless. We’ve identified everything that made sense (and beyond) and delivered you a flood of new useful (or not so useful) weapon attachments, bringing you…

  • …scopes! New scope attachments of all types: Low power magnification, high power magnification, and early red dot-style optics as well.
  • …lasers! Visible and IR. Some are useful, some are giant blocks of weight that double your fatigue. Either way, they are absolutely 80s-tastic!

Chef’s recommendation: The APP: A hybrid Flashlight-Laser aiming device.

  • …suppressors! Every weapon in GM that can reasonably be suppressed now has a suppressor available. Together with new unique sounds for each of them.

Along with this comes a collection of new uniforms, vests, body armour, headgear, and other items to kit out soldiers. As a result of this, you’ll now find in the Arsenal:

  • PSH-77 Helmet (And variants with shields)
  • M38/72 Helmet
  • Type 18 Body Armour
  • Type 3 Body Armour
  • Special Operations Vest (With and without armour)
  • Operator Suits for the GSG9
  • Storm Hoods, Glacier Glasses and new scarfs
  • Nine new uniform variants that are a mix of civilian and military fatigues

Gadgets weren’t forgotten about either!

You’ll now have access to Laser Range Finders (Soviets stole the design so the two look very similar!), night vision binoculars, night vision goggles, and a bolt cutter.

The bolt cutter can be used to cut through fences and to cut power supply boxes in villages to turn street lights off.

New Missions

We’ve added a variation of one of the community’s favourite COOP missions. “Red Steel” is an adaptation of the mission concept for “Fat Cats” with an East German spin to it. New tanks, new location, and new enemy forces.

Of particular note is a completely new game mode: Force Recon.

In Force Recon you’re sent behind enemy lines to try to gather intel about enemy forces without being noticed. You’ll need to accurately triangulate positions, take photographs and regularly contact HQ by radio to submit your intel. However, the enemy is listening, too, and will want to hunt you down. So grab your bolt cutters, because you’ll have to show up uninvited.

Head over to the Community Wiki to find out more about how to modify and customize this game mode for your preferred mods and terrains.

Environment Features

We’ve added more furniture objects and integrated a module that automatically furnishes all houses in a given area. It will automatically furnish all our houses with our furniture, and will also do so for Altis, Malden, Tanoa and Livonia style houses! (They are not map specific, but asset specific, it will work on community terrains using these structures). Along with that there’s a whole collection of new boxes, trench objects, bunkers, pre-made entrenchment-collections, and also a coffee maker that can be interacted with.


The GM Development Team is very excited to share with you this news about our 5th massive free content update, and we hope you will have as much fun with the new assets as we did designing and implementing them.

As usual, you can reach us on our Discord Server to get into direct contact with us developers should you have feedback, wish to report and resolve issues, or you have a great idea for the project that you want to share! 

Stay laser-focused!

- Vertexmacht