SPOTREP #00083

Hotfix 1.88 (Multiplayer Compatibility Fixes)

by Ondřej Kužel

SPOTREP #00082

Game Update 1.86 (Warlords MP Mode, ADR-97 Weapon Pack, Multiplayer Security, Fixes and Improvements)

by Ondřej Kužel

TECHREP #00043

Update 1.020 (Terrain Builder, Object Builder, DsUtils)

by Julien Vida

SITREP #00229

Warlords Update, Developer Livestream, Steam Autumn Sale

by Robin Haugo

SITREP #00228

Roadmap Blog, Warlords Update, Community Playsession

by Robin Haugo


From personal Workshop project to official multiplayer mode

by Josef Zemánek