TECHREP #00031

reported by Julien Vida on July 11, 2016

FROM: Tools Commissar
TO: Arma 3 Modders
CIRCUMSTANCES: Update 1.00 (Project Space, Buldozer, Maintenance)
SIZE: ~16.9 MB / ~24 KB


Because we have been busy cooking up Apex, this update is not as big as usual. However, hereafter you'll find some interesting highlights!

The most noteworthy addition is the command-line interface for Publisher, which will allow advanced content creators to prepare some automation for their releases. It has the same functionality as the regular UI. More detail about its usage can be found on the relevant documentation page.

Also, Work Drive received the last bit of coding to reach its final state. It now handles the creation of directory junctions between the tools, the game and the samples instead of MapFolders. It can also install Buldozer from the diagnostic executable and configure Buldozer to be started from the game directory with startup parameter -BuldozerNoP (in this case, it will not be installed in the Project Space). These two last features are experimental and should only be used by advanced content creators because of some potentially unwanted side effects.

Except for the above, this update is mainly focused on maintenance and some small adjustments which can be consulted in the change log below.

In the event you would like to share feedback, we invite you to do so on our official channels: Feedback Tracker & the forums.



  • Publisher
    • Added: New command-line interface to publish or edit Steam Workshop entries (PublisherCmd.exe)
    • Changed: Updated overlay messages
    • Fixed: Steam error messages are now being displayed
  • Buldozer
    • Added: Support for script\initBuldozer.sqf
  • Arma 3 Tools Launcher
    • Added: Option to tell Work Drive to use the Arma 3 diagnostic executable during the install of Buldozer when it is possible (default is false). This can be changed from the Option form (CTRL+E).
    • Tweaked: Partial refactorization of the methods used to run the tool executables, resulting in more information available in the logs
    • Tweaked: Improved startup process
  • Work Drive
    • Added: New startup parameter -BuldozerNoP to use the game as Buldozer program (needs to be combined with -installBuldozer)
    • Added: Junction between the sample of Terrain Processor and the A3 directory
    • Added: Ability to install Buldozer with the diagnostic executable
    • Changed: Install of Buldozer - The usage of the diagnostic executable has been made optional (can be changed via the launcher of the tools)
    • Changed: Order of files to process for the install of Buldozer (optional files are last)
  • Buldozer Configurator
    • Added: Ability to use the game as Buldozer installation (no dependency on the Project Space)
  • FSM Editor
  • Binarize
    • Added: Support for P3D type 71
  • DSSignFile
    • Maintenance update
  • DSCreateKey
    • Maintenance update
  • DSCheckSignatures
    • Maintenance update
  • File Assoc
    • Added: Now considers the user settings first when trying to resolve the path to Poseidon Tools
    • Tweaked: Console output in case of failure
    • Tweaked: Various optimizations
  • Terrain Builder
    • Added: Support for P3D type 71
  • Documentation
    • Added: Link to the Project Directory documentation (docs\manual\)
    • Added: Link to the Work Drive documentation (docs\)
  • Steam configuration
    • Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.00)


  • Addons
    • Tweaked: The model config of the boat no longer uses external references (Sample of Boat)
  • Tools
    • Fixed: The folder name of the terrain contained in the sample of Terrain Processor was incorrectly named


  • In case of any issue, please, let us know on our usual channels: Feedback Tracker or the forums.
  • You can subscribe (for free) to the Tools and Samples packages from the Steam store. Once done, you will find these application in your Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools").
  • You will need to start the primary tool once to add all needed registry entries.