TECHREP #00029

reported by Julien Vida on April 28, 2016

FROM: Tools Commissar
TO: Arma 3 Modders
CIRCUMSTANCES: Hotfix 0.982 (Binarize, Game Updater)
SIZE: ~10.5 MB



  • Binarize
    • Fixed: Binarize was crashing while processing terrains

  • Game Updater
    • Changed: Updated version of the Steam CLI

    • Fixed: Crash when the branch parameter was missing


  • In case of any issue, please, let us know on our usual channels: Feedback Tracker or the forums.
  • You can subscribe (for free) to the Tools and Samples packages from the Steam store. Once done, you will find these application in your Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools").
  • You will need to start the primary tool once to add all needed registry entries for the rest of tools.