SPOTREP #00021

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on March 20, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.14 (Campaign episode "Win", CAS jets, Tempest truck, Altis upgrade)
SIZE: ~1.8 GB



  • Added: Campaign episode “Win”
  • Added “Win” music tracks
    • 3 event tracks (with variants)
    • 4 background tracks
    • 6 lead tracks
  • Added: Campaign completion Steam Achievements
  • Added: To-199 Neophron CSAT CAS jet
  • Added: A-164 Wipeout NATO CAS jet
  • Added: Tempest CSAT heavy truck with variants
  • Added: Altis Points Of Interest: Ghost Hotel compound and Stadium
  • Updated: Altis: Several new structures were added (kiosks, lifeguard towers, playground accessories, tourist shelters and more)
  • Added: Various “Win”-related characters, items and objects
  • Added: 1 x new Radio Protocol
  • Removed obsolete classes of cargo poses
  • Adjusted volume levels on various weapons
  • Changed active elements in commander optics of Marshall, Cheetah, Mora and Kuma
  • Standardized driveOnComponents on tank tracks - they should now be better at passing low obstacles
  • Uniforms and accessories should be available in holders again
  • Increased explosionShielding parameter for artillery variants of turret guns was reverted back to the original value of 1 (it did not work well enough)
  • AAAs should have their radar back
  • Optimized explosives power after a fix of explosives on roads
  • Buzzard has new sounds for gear and flaps
  • Buzzard has improved materials in its cockpit
  • Stitches on coveralls made plastic
  • FIA medic should have a medkit in his bag
  • Trees use a new shader version to improve alpha sorting
  • Pilots of jets have their HUDs properly collimated
  • Tank crew should no longer use 'magic radar'
  • Fixed: Missing muzzleflash for RCWS UGV
  • Fixed: Hitpoints for lights of Van
  • Fixed: Indestructible radio tower in Showcase Vehicles (changed hitpoints in the model)
  • Fixed: Getting out of HEMTT animation for launchers
  • Fixed: Sounds of ACP-C2
  • Fixed: Smoke screen not working on Cheetah, Kamysh, Tigris and Gorgon
  • Fixed: Unresponsive controls in General Game Options tab
  • Fixed: initPlayerLocal.sqf and initPlayerServer.sqf sometimes received incorrect params upon JIP
  • Fixed: Wrongful hiding of subtitles in SP
  • Fixed: Multiple secondary explosions in MP (
  • Fixed: Combined Arms showcase would not end correctly on a Dedicated Server if players had already died during the mission
  • Tweaked: Sounds of weapon closures
  • Tweaked: Sounds of character breathing
  • Added: New samples for ACP-C2
  • Added: New sound for reloading UGLs
  • Added: New sound for church organs
  • Added: New variations for fatigue sounds
  • Added: GameSpy / Steam master server switch
  • Removed: Error message from getParamValue function
  • Improved: Slammer UP recoil animation

Possible campaign spoilers:

  • New voice-over work for Nikos has been added to "Survive" and "Adapt"
  • Fixed: The intro walking sequence in the "Survive" intro
  • Added: New beret and identity to Crossroads in the "Adapt" outro
  • Fixed: Drawdown 2035: synchronization of 'all clear' and animation at checkpoint
  • Radio Silence: reduced the difficulty of destroying the guard towers with the mortar
  • Fixed: "Index out of range" error, discovered when transiting from "Adapt" to "Win"
  • Fixed: In Crossing Paths, there was no background while the quotation video was playing


  • Added: Scripting command attachedObjects for getting the list of objects attached to the given one
  • Added: Scripting command attachedTo for getting the object to which the given object is attached
  • Added: New scripting command for getting list of activated addons (activatedAddons)
  • Added: Sound: Ability to play loop sample in specified region, a sample has 3 parts: start, loop & end - used for continuous fire mode. Loop region is set in SoundPars.loopBegin and SoundPars.loopLength, config definition: sound[] = {path, db3, 1, 2300, {32438, 24500}}
  • Added: Support for thermal black hot mode in PiP
  • Added: Prototype of weather and time synchronization for MP
  • Crosshair size roughly matches the extent of weapon sway
  • PIP mode (VIS, NV, TI) is the same as mode in AV optics (can be changed by the player while in control of the AV)
  • AI skills configuration changed: added Presets and Precision, removed Enemy-Friendly, redid the UI
  • Disabled idle poses while aiming and shooting
  • VRAM management changed (optimization)
  • Hotfixed: Module initialization order adjusted for the Linux Dedicated Server
  • Fixed: Water splashes when tanks land on the ground
  • Fixed: Dust from tracks while in the air
  • Fixed: Script command enableSimulationGlobal didn’t work during scenario briefing
  • Fixed: Deleting task target
  • Fixed: Problems with skinned instancing when PiP is used
  • Fixed: Mines were ineffective on roads
  • Fixed: Drawing of alpha objects in PiP
  • Fixed: Gear up SFX triggered when starting as Flying
  • Fixed: Player can't see content of clothes or vests which are on the ground
  • Fixed: Weapon cloning (
  • Fixed: AI not using radar, when player does not have it
  • Fixed: After a helicopter would fly away, players could still put things into its inventory
  • Fixed: TakeWeapon puts weapon in weaponholder before taking it (
  • Fixed: More correct behavior of scenario names in map, diary and interrupt display
  • Fixed: Crash that happened when using stereo samples where mono was expected
  • Fixed: Crash in MP display when a Steam mission filename is empty
  • Fixed: Invisible items in UI tree after sorting
  • Fixed: Crash opportunity
  • Fixed: Workaround for a Steam bug which caused the inability to host MP games on some subscribed missions
  • Fixed: Vest content disappearance after savegame load