SITREP #00217

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on May 15, 2018

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Community Spotlight, Apex Protocol Singleplayer


Last week we've released a hotfix for Arma 3's 1.82 platform update, which was initially deployed together with Tanks DLC. As always, we're now collecting feedback on the hotfix and we'll be evaluating our next steps from there. In the meantime, we're also still defining the exact priorities of our development team in the coming months. This should answer some remaining questions before we can share our future plans for the game. Keep in mind that many of our developers will slowly begin to move onto other projects at Bohemia. That means our next roadmap will be of a much more modest scope than previous roadmaps. Nonetheless there are definitely still several exciting updates/projects in the works for Arma 3!


It's been two years since the Iron Front mod was released. The goal was to bring weapons, vehicles, and gear from the World War 2 era to the Arma 3 platform. After 29 updates, its authors took some time to look back on the progress made in an epic roadmap blog. Of course, a roadmap wouldn't be a roadmap without addressing the future. Their new plan: introduce a major expansion! This expansion should drastically expand the number of British units. Aside from that, they also mention other future releases. If you're interested in this outstanding Arma 3 conversion, then you'll certainly appreciate this blog, which proves once again the enthusiasm and dedication of the Iron Front team!