SITREP #00208

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on December 19, 2017

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Retrospective 2017, Vehicle Interiors, Winter Break


Our winter break is approaching fast and we are here to share the latest news on all things Armaverse. In this REPort, we will be taking a look back at the fascinating year 2017 and share a glimpse of what awaits us in 2018.


This year has been quite a ride for Arma 3. We have released four DLC, expanding the asset and feature scope beyond their original sizes. Starting off with Jets DLC, our goals were to introduce new air superiority jets and overhaul threat detection and tracking. And let's not forget the biggest asset of them all: the freely available USS Freedom aircraft carrier with its own suite of autonomous defensive systems. With these additions and many more, we wanted to improve gameplay across the entire sandbox, other vehicle categories included. This project was also an opportunity for us to test a cooperation between our company and a third-party studio, BRAVO ZERO ONE Studios. We encountered some turbulent air during the flight, but the product turned out to be a supersonic addition! The collaboration itself also demonstrated enough potential to open the door somewhat for future third-party developers. To celebrate Arma’s 16th anniversary, Malden free DLC was released on June 22nd, 2017. Malden 2035 is a fresh take on the original Malden terrain featured in the very first Arma game. By adding new multiplayer scenarios (such as Combat Patrol and Escape from Malden / Tanoa), together we celebrated the Armaversary to its full potential.