SITREP #00149

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on March 29, 2016

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: RC 1.58 Intel, Feedback Tracker Status, Debug Console Improvements


So far it has been our intention to release update 1.58 (currently undergoing Release Candidate testing) this week. We are now re-evaluating that plan however. There are a few fresh issues that we need to search and destroy. And there is a cool new feature which we'd love to get in this update, but which is not entirely finished yet. The options are being discussed with our team as we speak. Whether we release 1.58 this week or later, we'll keep you in the loop via our usual development channels.


Let's be honest: is there anyone who doesn't enjoy popping bubble wrap? So too does our Audio Designer Grigorij Tolkačev, as seen on this week's dev photo. We're not quite sure whether he was recording Foley for supersonic cracks, or just pondering the cool future audio improvements coming on the #RoadToApex.

If you're very quick, you might still catch the Bohemia Interactive Store Easter Sale. There are some sizable discounts on Arma 3 editions and the game's DLC.

We have two different community 'time-lapse' videos for you this week. TheyCallMeConor went for a massive virtual hike by trekking all the way from the North-Eastern tip of Altis to the South-Western peninsula, on foot. Once you've rested from that journey, you can enjoy the calming landscape scenes in EPICH's "time lapse" video.


As collateral bonus of his work on optimizing the scripted functions library, R&D Designer Killzone Kid shares with us some interesting improvements he's made to a future version of the debug console: "The code performance button is now using a dedicated command for testing code performance, providing more precise execution times. Watch field execution has now been optimized and slow code detection was added. Moderately slow code gets an orange warning, while very slow or blocker code gets a red warning and is terminated. Additionally, the watch fields are always saved into the user profile. General code execution stability should also see some improvement."

Modders of the Eden Editor can soon tag their Workshop items as "Editor Extension". This tag is meant for items that directly expand or change the editor's behavior, and it should make them stand out from other game modifications. The Publisher tool will be updated to include this tag soon.


Our web and support teams have been working hard on restoring the Feedback Tracker platform for Arma 3 and our other games. We're now getting closer to launching an improved version. After evaluating various options, we've selected a replacement framework that we can more reliably secure and administrate. Our aim is to import all the existing tickets into the new system, but we do still need to actually attempt this. Of course we do have access to the full database internally, so your hard testing and reporting work has not been in vain! We'll let you know the moment the new FT goes live. Until that time, please report issues to our forums after a quick search for similar topics.