SITREP #00008

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on April 23, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: Splendid screenshots, localization, Dedicated Servers


Development is proceeding as planned: perhaps a little more focused on the internal milestone this week. There are a lot of big tasks which you may not immediately see in the game, but they are mandatory and time-consuming. One of these is localization for different regions. The development team has to constantly prepare data so that it can be translated towards the end of the project. Configuration files and scripts usually contain thousands of literal strings, which must be moved to a localization database. Translation agencies can then do their thing and deliver the resulting texts. Those still need to be re-tested and tweaked within the game for context and length. Among others, designer Jiří Zlatohlávek has been working hard on cleaning the database and finding unlocalized texts, while Vladimír Hynek has started to prepare the font for languages such as Russian and Japanese with their character sets.


The main page Community Focus widget was updated with new items, including the Diver Stats scripted system for SCUBA simulation.

Read about how designer Thomas Ryan takes on Arma 3 scenario design in this interview. Thomas is currently working on several important singleplayer scenarios, as well as supporting systems, like the one managing in-game tasks.

Was last week's description of the new fog tech too abstract for you? Dslyecxi helps us by visualizing it.

A reminder e-mail was sent to those of the first 2500 Supporter Edition owners who had not yet opted into the game's credits. Check your spam filters to be sure!


We did a small-scale test using a separate Dedicated Server (Windows) executable. It does not require a Steam Client to be running, making it convenient for admins. So far the test has gone well, so we expect to roll this out to everybody in Development branch early next week. Another side effect should be that custom multiplayer scenario makers can test more easily on a single PC.

The Development branch discussion thread has seen some active debate about ongoing lighting changes. The full changes are still not done nor deployed. Every single light source is in process of having its properties tweaked, so the results visible now are a mixed bag where things are over-bright, not bright enough, broken, badly colored, etc. The lighting technician in charge has been asked to provide details, motivations and what to look for as soon as he gets a moment.

Audio Lead Jan Dušek has finished his configuration of the full radio protocol this week. Compared to the one available in the Alpha, there are many tweaks, but also improved chatter during combat. The next step is getting our Creative Director Crowe to record the well-known Jayholder voice-overs. Then we're ready to start recording final voice actors.


In his free time, designer Karel Mořický wrote a very extensive and intense guide on how to make epic screenshots in Arma 3. He describes which tools and tricks help you to do that; some less well-known than others. Show him what you've learned by entering the '2013 World Arma Photo' competition!