SITREP #00007

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on April 16, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: 0.54 update, fog of war, Play withSIX


Yesterday we did another update of both Alpha versions: full and Lite via SPOTREP #00002. There are many changes to the animations: extending the adjustable stance system to sidearms, new sideways prone movements and a long list of fixes. Updates in the areas of optimization and AI are also included, such as better performance when using the Picture-in-Picture feature within vehicles. Stability was targeted by fixing crashes reported on Feedback Tracker, but also by finding and solving a problem related to the implementation of PhysX. With the aid of NVIDIA, our programmers were able to fix a collision crash that was widely reported, but hard to reproduce. At the same time we have closed our first iteration of the internal project milestone, and are working on the second iteration - keeping the scenario designers quite busy!


Programmer Lukáš Bábíček explains what the recent fog improvements are about: "Density of haze now decreases with altitude. This means that there can be denser fog in the valleys than on mountain tops. Also when the camera is above the haze layer, you can see further. This change does not affect visibility fog (fog forced by viewing distance)." Unfortunately due to a communications slip up, this technology did not actually make it into the 0.54 update. It is available on Development branch however, and will be included with the next update of course.

By now we have launched the special webpage where the first Supporter Edition owners can opt-in to the game credits. So far over 1400 of the first 2500 supporters have submitted their name and optional message (which we intend to display on the main page in tile "Service Members"). We'd like to remind the remaining people who'd like to opt in to check any spam filters for the invite. We'll also send out a reminder soon.


We're closer to a separate Dedicated Server (Windows) binary, which does not require an additional license. It's being tested internally today and tomorrow, after which we'll do some quick small-scale testing with server administrators. If that goes well, the binary will be included into Development branch and get updated daily from then on. The fully separate data package is further away, but also being looked at.

Some shock was suffered after reading our update message about sprint movement speeds. Tweaking movement speeds in general is in-progress and we have published a few tweaks to Development branch today - for evaluation. Animation guru Pawel Smolewski will explain the changes and what to look for when providing feedback on the forums.


SIX Networks has released an updated version of their handy unofficial tool Play withSIX. This separate launcher utility can be very useful to manage modifications for example, allowing quick installations and automatic updating. It also has functionality for server browsing and keeping in touch with friends playing the game. Next to supporting Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, it also works with Arma 3 Alpha. Their team is continuously improving the software and they are eager to hear your feedback!