SITREP #00071

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on August 27, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Multiplayer situation, Default launcher


Last week we deployed version 1.26. Sadly, this was not a good update due to multiplayer desynchronization issues it has introduced for too many players. The irony is that the update was an attempt to optimize multiplayer via the guaranteed network messaging. As it turns out, this low-level change is not yet robust enough to bring the benefits it was intended for (although on some servers it did work well). Our apologies to those whose multiplayer fun was interrupted by this. We need to further improve our large-scale multiplayer stability testing (with and without mods & custom game modes).

We're working on a hotfix, which can be tested already on Steam's RC branch via access code: Hotfix126Arma3. Only the executable is different, so switching between it and the default branch is quick. Our thanks to those communities who have been helping us to fill large public test servers already. As soon as we have a more stable version, we'll release it on main branch. It was our intention to stage a first version of Sling Loading on Dev-Branch yesterday. However, in part because the relevant programmers now focus on finding and fixing the desync issues, this will be delayed a while longer.


Community scripter Killzone Kid has kindly documented an enhanced system for automated vehicle wreck and corpse removal in scenarios. Such functionality can help to keep large and long scenarios run smoothly over time.


"Bigger ain't always better: Weapon Inertia in Arma 3" reads the summary for the latest OPREP written by Radko Voda. This feature was recently staged on Dev-Branch, where it's gathering feedback and is being tweaked before we roll it onto main branch. Radko begins by discussing why it can be very challenging to simulate a real-world thing on a platform with clear limitations such as input controls. He then describes how we've implemented Weapon Inertia, and the depth of the system (i.e. how it relates to other gameplay systems such as fatigue and damage). After reading, give it a go in-game and leave your feedback here.


With 1.26 we also tried to use the launcher as the default Steam launch option. i.e. When you double-click Arma 3, it starts the launcher. Previously it would show an option dialogue to choose between playing, playing windowed and starting the launcher. Because the option dialogue is then removed, the amount of steps to get into the game is the same, and you can benefit from the launcher's functionality if you want to. After making this change, we quickly found problems - both in the launcher and with Steam. We decided the make the launcher optional for the time being, and will try again later. The issues we were facing and are solving:

  • New third-party redistributables are required (Visual C++ 2010 & 2012 and .NET 4.5). Steam has options that allow us to install these whenever you first run Arma 3. Unfortunately it takes a while for everyone to restart their Steam client (otherwise the install may not be triggered). People without the correct redistributables installed could not start the launcher and therefore the game. In a few weeks time, most players should have been updated.
  • The launcher did not transfer command-line parameters to the game in advanced use cases. A fix to this is already being tested.
  • Some people insist on not starting the launcher. They will be able to use a -noLauncher parameter to directly start the game directly instead.

Steam client sometimes appears to get stuck while updating the game. The only work-around we know about is to delete the local content via the client and install it again. We have contacted Valve to see if they can fix this on their side.

Even considering the issues in 1.26, there still were lots of cool fixes and additions. Take a look at the 1.26 SPOTREP and the latest TECHREP. The latter now also contains a more human-readable summary of the changes to Arma 3 Tools courtesy of Julien Vida.