SITREP #00035

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on November 19, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update 1.06, Tools release


While we are working on the 'Adapt' episode, let's focus this week's report on the other kinds of Arma 3 support! The next main branch update (1.06) is in final testing at the moment. Assuming this goes well, we'll update the game later this week. The update is primarily focused on miscellaneous fixes and on-going maintenance. One important aspect is the fix of surround sound character dialogue, during the campaign especially.

Another release now in final testing: the Arma 3 Tools package on Steam. Modders will finally receive the first iteration of this suite, focusing on building add-ons. It makes it easier to prepare their new models for the game (Binarize, Oxygen, CfgConvert, etc.). Included as well are special 'render worlds', which are basically single color backdrops for e.g. chroma key machinima work. A collection of Arma 3 sample models and configuration files provide clues as to creating your own characters, cars, tanks, weapons and buildings. In no way is this a one-time final release. As with the game, we will be updating and iterating the package. Later iterations will go beyond add-on building, providing additional and improved tools and samples. When will all this start? It should drop together with the aforementioned game update! After release, you'll find it in the Steam library's Tools section - ready for a quick install.


Andrew 'Dslyecxi' Gluck has put up a video explaining the various versions of his Tactical Guide available. The guide has grown and matured over eight years, taking all the experiences from playing the Arma games and beyond. The TTP3 edition targets Arma 3, but looks at the whole series, tactics & procedures in general, and community efforts. Recently, a free online version was published. There's also an e-book edition that can be purchased from, a grayscale print version, and coming up: a full-color print edition. Stay tuned to our online store for that one.

Senior QA team member Bořivoj Klíma, who also does a lot of the coordination on Feedback Tracker, has shared his personal Workshop dev favorite. His motivation to select 'Convoy Escort' by Tim: "It's a short and simple mission, where you follow the daily routine of an AH-9 Pawnee pilot. Especially the start of the mission at the base is very convincing, and overall, I just really appreciate the realism and atmosphere."


A recent Tweet by one of our designers reminded us of a great page on the Community Wiki, all about script optimizations. It's a good read and reminds even our developers of good practices, better algorithms and the way our Real Virtuality engine handles threading. In closing, there's a method for measuring your own script's performance: BIS_fnc_codePerformance.


The recent work on fatigue and personal protection (body armors and such) on devbranch, has been temporarily disabled. Why? Both need more time for tweaking and testing, and we want to release a main branch update this week. After this patch is out, work in these areas on devbranch will resume.