SITREP #00018

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on July 16, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Beta Users
INFO: BattlEye, APC Package


SPOTREP #00007 and therefore the first Arma 3 Beta patch, was released last Thursday. It had a long list of additions, fixes and changes. However, we were mostly keen to get this patch released so that we can now focus on bringing content additions. Development branch has finally received the first deployment of BattlEye anti-cheat integration. Its creator Bastian Suter is working with us closely to gather server administrator feedback and to keep improving it. One of the goals for the Arma 3 version is a more seamless integration. You do not have to install anything separate. When first connecting to any BattlEye-enabled server, you can accept its End-User License Agreement once and you're good to go. Hopefully this is a big step towards a more stable multiplayer environment.

The second cool thing that was just today uploaded to Development branch: the APC Package. These are the first tracked vehicles coming to Arma 3 and they supplement the infantry combined arms combat very well. On the BLUFOR side we see the IFV-6c Panther. OPFOR gets the BTR-K Kamysh Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Both are works-in-progress, but we hope you'll like these beasts! Note that things staged on dev branch, typically get onto the primary game branch with the next patch (about two to three weeks between each).


The next patch (dev branch already) has enabled the reporting of uninitialized scripting variables. The behavior of scripts containing such variables is unchanged, but an on-screen warning is shown so the script author can solve the situation. An uninitialized variable may cause logic errors in the future, even if the script currently appears to work as intended. The change may cause a transition period of errors being shown, but it will result in better script quality in the long-term.

Additionally there is now support for a new -nologs command-line parameter for the EXE. It disables all logging to RPT and similar files. Be careful: this is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it reduces stuttering and micro-freezes caused by logging debugging information (file input & output). On the other hand this means you and us have less information to debug in case of issues.

Our scripting Druid has written up documentation on a set of new scripting commands related to the User Interface. Specifically these are commands allowing manipulation of the tree control.


Perhaps you've noticed the generic faction names (Blue, Red and Green) have started to get replaced with new names (acronyms). Nothing to worry about! We'll be introducing these Armaverse factions when they are ready to appear in the theater of war.

Coming up soon is a new Report In! interview with designer Borivoj "Druid" Hlava. There will also be an official trailer for the Beta with another teaser for upcoming content. Beta late than never!


Last week's patch release was a little less smooth than we wanted. We staged the patch data on dev branch as per usual, but then some setbacks occurred. Our forums had to be taken down in lieu of the security threat - which blocked some of our communication lines to the community. We also released an EXE with the patch candidate that was too new and triggered the warnings about uninitialized variables prematurely. These messages slowed down the entire game, until we reverted to an older version. Additionally, a change in the way scripted functions work affected a lot of community (MP) content. Luckily none of these got into the actual patch.