TECHREP #00047

reported by Julien Vida on February 23, 2021

FROM: Tools Commissar
TO: Arma 3 Modders
CIRCUMSTANCES: Update 1.026 (Preprocessor Macros, Publisher)
SIZE: ~22 MB



  • Publisher
    • Added: Support for Art of War DLC
    • Changed: To avoid confusion, compositions are no longer displayed (they can be managed from the Eden Editor)
  • Binarize
    • Added: New predefined Preprocessor Macros (see CfgConvert changes)
    • Fixed: An issue that would prevent Binarize to promptly exit once all the operations were performed
    • Tweaked: Crash dumps are now more detailed
  • CfgConvert
    • Added: Support for new Preprocessor Macros (__DATE_ARR__, __DATE_STR__, __DATE_STR_ISO8601__, __TIME__, __TIME_UTC__, __COUNTER__, __COUNTER_RESET__, __RAND_INT, __RAND_UINT, __GAME_VER__, __GAME_VER_MAJ__, __GAME_VER_MIN__, __GAME_BUILD__, __ARMA__, __A3_DEBUG__)
    • Added: Support for #pragma directive and basic support for #if #else #endif
  • Steam configuration
    • Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.026)


  • Binarize and CfgConvert share the same Preprocessor Macro definitions, meaning there are all available from both applications.
  • Not all documentation yet reflects these changes.
  • In case of any issue, please, let us know on our usual channels: Feedback Tracker or the forums.
  • You can subscribe (for free) to the Tools and Samples packages from the Steam store. Once done, you will find these application in your Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools").
  • You will need to start the primary tool once to add all needed registry entries.
  • The 64-bit Binarize executable is provided without any additional support and has to be manually linked should you want to use it.
  • We recommend you to backup your project files frequently!