SPOTREP #00005

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on June 5, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
UNIT: Arma 3 Alpha, Arma 3 Alpha Lite
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 0.60 (Sniper Package)
SIZE: ~552 MB



  • Added 1 x BLUFOR M320 LRR .408 sniper rifle
  • Added 1 x BLUFOR ghillie suit sniper and spotter duo
  • Added 1 x OPFOR GM6 Lynx 12.7mm sniper rifle
  • Added 1 x OPFOR ghillie suit sniper and spotter duo
  • Added 1 x Rangefinder binoculars
  • Added sniper Field Manual records
  • Added rangefinder hint
  • Added Stance Indicator
    • Not yet linked to options, but it will be
    • Known issue: sometimes shown off-screen - reset user profile or wait for positioning option in Beta
  • Fixed: Adjusted rotation speed of turrets for Speedboat
  • Fixed: (BLUFOR Speedboat shouldn't have optics for rear gunner)
  • Fixed: (adjusted speedometers for Ifrit, Hunter and Offroad)
  • Revamped hitpoints for wheels in all soft vehicles to destroy correct wheels
  • Vehicle weapons are now lockable to prevent losing lock during weapon change
  • TRG now uses correct 5.56x45mm ammunition
  • Fixed: Ammo for MXM in special ammo box
  • Combat pace transition from stand to kneel while moving FL fixed
  • Weapons disabled in running states
  • Radio Protocol: enlarged Combat Protocol - over 100 lines (additionally recorded and configured)
  • Radio Protocol: fixed missing Stealth sentences (additionally recorded and configured)
  • Radio Protocol: 53 new names added for identity usage
  • Disabled Difficulty tab in Game Options in MP
  • Fixed: When respawnOnStart was set to 1 in description.ext, death scripts were sometimes executed after respawn scripts
  • BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem: Arguments [caller:Object, cursorPos:Array, target:Object, is3D:Bool, itemID:String] are now passed into expression field as _this
  • Removed doubled onPauseScript execution
  • Ballistic penetration of bushes (foliage) adjusted
  • Fixed: Evasive left and Lean left toggle are not conflicting actions
  • Adjusted default friction material to allow vehicles to slide a bit over the rocks and boats over terrain
  • Fixed: (particle effect was always generated on the ground)
  • Fixed: (light of vehicles’ destruction is disabled under water now)
  • oxygenCapacity parameter of all units changed
  • Fixed: (OPFOR squad leader was named "Rifleman")
  • Fixed: Number of group members of motorized groups
  • Changed: Minefield Site now rotates all mines in the direction of the Site module
  • Added: Dialog for custom init code for virtual providers in Supports module
  • Added: Dialog for custom supply crate init code for supply drop in Supports module
  • Fixed: broken Showcase Helicopters texts


  • Fixed: Incorrect reloading while in optics
  • Fixed: Crash on exiting the game (audio-related)
  • Fixed: Crash while ordering subordinate to fire artillery same time as having Hunter selected to receive orders
  • Helicopter AI improvements (e.g. diving too much during attack runs)
  • Improved ship AI path planning
  • Added: Reveal action reveals mines
  • Decreased mine reveal angle
  • Dynamic light influence on AI visibility tweaked further
  • Changed threshold for when AI puts on NVG
  • Decreased flashlight influence on side recognition
  • Terrain decal fix (Stratis runway)
  • Fixed: Stabilize car turrets
  • Fixes to refreshing of difficulty indicator in Campaign and Scenarios displays
  • Fixed: Selection of first RscTree item after opening Scenarios dialogue
  • Added: UI controls validator (inventory can recognize which UI controls were not properly initialized, and show some error information)
  • Fixed: Visual representation of broken wheels not matching the correct wheel for wheels destroyed using scripts
  • Fixed: Tree destruction animation
  • Sprint now overrides Combat Pace in all cases
  • Aiming down in combat pace doesn't make player start running anymore
  • Added config multiplier of damage that crew receives when vehicle crashes to object
  • MP score table properly integrated into debriefing display
  • Fixed: Ragdoll could interfere with cargo poses in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Ragdoll launching into air by destroyed objects
  • Fixed: When user tries to pick an item from a corpse to a slot and that slot already contains another item, linked item would disappear
  • Non-local objects shouldn't collide with ground (breaking joints -
  • Fixed: Random rotation of the submunition pattern (artillery)
  • Fixed: Setting of full-screen gamma
  • Fixed: markerDir return value type
  • Improved loading of scenario overview images from PBOs (one known issues to do with subfolders remains)