SITREP #00232

reported by Robin Haugo on March 12, 2019

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: 1.90 Update, Dev-Branch Activity


In this SITREP we'll primarily discuss some of the highlights of the 1.90 update in greater detail.


First of all, you'll notice that this SITREP is a bit shorter than some of the reports from the recent past. This is because our SITREPs are now primarily focused on the development side of things, whereas our newly introduced "Community Radar" is where we'll be spotlighting some of the recent community activity. We've also decided to temporarily further reduce the frequency of the SITREPs to whenever there is a sufficient amount of interesting development intel to share. That means, in the coming weeks you might receive fewer SITREPs than before, but that doesn't mean there's nothing happening behind the scenes. In fact, the opposite is true — with the first third-party DLC on the horizon and a new non-traditional Arma 3 DLC coming up among other things. Unfortunately, we're not ready yet to present these projects to the outside world, but as soon as we are, you can expect the frequency of our SITREPs to increase again. As has been the case so far, we'll always make sure to keep you posted!

In case you missed them, let us still link the two first editions of the Community Radar:

On top of the COMRAD, we've also started a series of mini-interviews with some of the splendid members of the Arma community. These interviews — a.k.a. "Community Profiles" — are posted every other week, and below you can find a list of all the interviews published so far:


After many weeks of RC-Branch testing, the 1.90 update has been deployed to Arma 3's Main Branch. Let's take a look at the main highlights:

  • The Warlords multiplayer mode has been out for a while now, and we'd like to thank all of you for providing your feedback. The 1.90 update implements a significant number of changes to Warlords, such as 3 new scenarios, better modding support, and numerous fixes. It's also no longer possible to obtain mortar bags through an exploit in the Virtual Arsenal. And Warlords should now work properly in a singleplayer environment.
  • As a small bonus surprise, we've added the remaining olive liveries for the NATO (Pacific) vehicles operating on Apex's Tanoa. We also threw in an older-looking variant of the Dragon Teeth anti-tank obstacle.

The full changelog of the 1.90 update can be found in our latest SPOTREP. We've also published a small update of the Arma 3 Tools, which mostly addresses Terrain Processor, as can be seen in the latest TECHREP.

Now then, let's also take a look at some out-of-the-blue yet useful engine updates that appeared on Dev-Branch. Senior Programmer Filip Sádovský recently had a very brief window of time to help out with miscellaneous quality of life improvements, additions, and fixes. Some of these may also be very useful to community modders. They include engine commands to replace certain scripted functions with higher performance code, more robust solutions for object / vehicle light control, access to the player's custom map waypoint, limited scripted control over missiles, various event handlers, and new AI sections to toggle. Please stand by as we update the Community Wiki with the corresponding documentation, and have fun scripting and modding!


After 11 years at Bohemia Interactive we're saying farewell to Vojtěch Hladík. As Lead Programmer he has been at the center of the massive engineering effort in the Arma series. Recently he was immortalized in the game with his likeness being added in update 1.86 — find him under Independent > Men (Story) > Dr. Hladík. We thank him for his endless stream of additions, tweaks, optimizations, and fixes to the engine and game. Good luck on your future endeavors, Doc!