SITREP #00193

reported by Vojtěch Kovařič on May 17, 2017

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Jets DLC Release, Update 1.70, Tools Update


We have arrived at our first stop on our roadmap for 2017: Jets DLC is now available on Main Branch! Arma 3 Jets represents a significant enhancement to Arma 3's combined arms experience, and we look forward to see how our community's fighter pilots scramble and claim control of the Altis and/or Tanoa skies. Meanwhile, as with every major update, our development team stands guard to catch any reported issues and respond to feedback.


After more than a year of development and coordination, Jets DLC is now available on Bohemia Store and Steam. The premium fighter jets, drone and Showcase scenario, together with the free new content (e.g. the USS Freedom) and new engine features make for a nice package that yet again expands the Armaverse in many ways. We've unleashed the beast just yesterday (which also just so happened to be the release anniversary of the amazing Top Gun). To list some of our favorite parts about this DLC, we published a new Top 10 article outlining the additions and improvements with some complimentary GIFs.