SITREP #00095

reported by Jay Crowe on February 25, 2015

SITREP #00095
FROM: Creative Brit
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: 1.40 Inbound, Sounds Good to Me, Workshop Gospel


With update 1.40 just around the corner, a 'Release Candidate' was made available over the weekend, which we've recently updated with miscellaneous maintenance and stability tweaks. These 'RCs' use a special 'branch' of data and exes, which helps our team to validate the stability of our updates 'in the wild', before they roll out to everyone. It also enables content creators to ensure the compatibility of their own custom creations with the latest version of Arma 3 ahead of time. If you'd like to participate in the final stages of testing, open the 'BETAS' tab of Arma 3's Steam properties, and enter the access code Arma3Update140RC. Right now, we're primarily focused upon validating some tweaks to MP stability. The update itself is set to bring several interesting Dev-Branch features to all Arma 3 players; let's take a quick look at these now.

Perhaps most notable will be the overhauled personal weapon SFX (outlined in a bit more detail in a recent OPREP). Although further iteration is still planned in the run-up to Marksmen DLC's launch (more details below), we want to introduce these improvements to everyone now. Aside from this, various small features are included. 'Telescopic Turrets' enables raising / lowering the commander's turret of the Strider. 'Firing from Vehicles Inertia' translates the momentum of a vehicle to those in FFV cargo positions, and helps shooters to maintain their aim when their vehicles are turning (within certain limits). New initSpeed enhancements will be enabled, meaning that muzzle velocity can now be defined by the ammo type and weapon. This means, for example, there's a difference in muzzle velocity between regular and carbine variants using the same ammunition.


Last week, we rolled out Weapon Resting and Overhauled Recoil mechanics to Dev-Branch. We've been monitoring and processing your feedback and, so far, we're happy to see a broadly positive community response. If you'd like to add your voice to the choir, direct your lungs towards two dedicated threads: Recoil Overhaul Feedback and Weapon Resting Feedback. Chiefly, we're still debating the best way to offer feedback to the Rested state - thanks for sharing your ideas and preferences! Meanwhile, dynamic duo, Radko and Simon, outlined some configuration tips, tricks and limitations. Formal documentation is, naturally, missing work-in-progress.

During the pre-production phase of our 7 new weapons, artist Kamil 'Smoke' Prihoda worked with the team to create some wonderful concepts. So, with one eye keenly trained on Marksmen DLC, we've tasked our community to work together, earn the 'Bonus Targets' Steam achievement, and unlock some behind-the-scenes development artwork. You can find all the details over at Top Brit Tip: Course of Fire Red I is the go-to place for bonus target hunting.


Some new audio data was recently added to Dev-Branch, raising several inquisitive eyebrows. Given that additional progress is likely to pop up over the next week or so, let's take a quick peek. In simple (i.e., overly simplistic) terms, after the weapons audio samples overhaul (going live with 1.40), the team moved on to decoupling the 'shot' itself from the 'tail': an additional layer audible during and after discharging. For any given weapon, a number of 'tails' can be defined. The goal is to link the tail to the environment within which the shot takes place. In effect, the 'tail' in a forest would sound different to that in an open meadow.

Related to this work, we should soon™ see the deployment of an enhancement to distance attenuation. Currently, distant shots are quieter that those close by. Our plan is to complement this with a distance-based frequency attenuation filter. This work slots into our broader focus on Environmental Audio Improvements set to roll out with Marksmen DLC. The goal is to create a richer battlefield sound-scape based on an authentic simulation of real-life factors, where the shooter is more 'connected' to their environment. We hope to be in the position to offer more splendid details next month.


Last week, holier-than-thou Arch-Hipster, Jiří Zlatohlávek, adopted the missionary position to spread the good word of the Arma 3 Launcher to the non-believers! His handy-dandy how-to helps hitherto-fore hapless heathens see the light, teaching us how to perform our very own miracles (like downloading/publishing a scenario/mod). Workshop disciples can also find the guide linked via the Arma 3 space itself. Long may his mission continue (and soon may this painfully extended metaphor end).

And, finally, we can report that with Our Dear Leader back in action - but trapped under several feet of administrative snow - these BRITREPs are set to continue for the next fortnight. That's right, 'fortnight'. ColoUr. Rule BIStania! Etc. Cheerio for now!