SITREP #00079

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on October 21, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Helicopters sandbox Dev-Branch, Vortex Ring State, DLC survey results


As of yesterday, Dev-Branch users have the first staged version of the Arma 3 Helicopters sandbox content (all assets without the multiplayer scenarios, VR training, showcase or challenges). We'd like to remind you that the DLC has not yet officially released, so there may be ownership issues for some users. That means that even if you own the Supporter Edition or DLC Bundle (and therefore Helicopters DLC), the game will try to convince you that you don't. Please be patient as we try to get that sorted out in the Steam configuration. At the latest, you'll have your ownership come November 4th.

Let's take a look at the list of secondary assets, besides the Huron and Taru helicopters. One additional helicopter is the civilian variant of the xH-9 family, the M-900. This is an improved and optimized version of a model from Take On Helicopters. It has a less spartan interior compared to its military siblings. There is also a weapon load-out / livery variant of the Orca, which we're using in the upcoming multiplayer mode: Support. Scenario designers will find a significant list of new ambient / decorative objects. There are helicopter base objects, military F.O.B. objects, office appliances and more. Get a preview of the list here.


Now that Jiří Zlatohlávek has read every single response to our DLC strategy survey, he's also posted a summary of the results on the forums. We have specific ideas for tackling the 'key findings', which we'll share when we're closer to rolling them out with game updates. Thanks again to all respondents for providing your valuable feedback and time.

Captain Miller wants you to vote! If he has wronged you in any way, do it for the greater good! The Make Arma Not War contest will close for new entries on October 28, and your votes are needed. By voting, you will help select the 20 finalists in the Singleplayer category and support your favorite authors. As an incentive, we're hosting a little competition in which you can win a cool Arma 3 goodies package. Check out the details here, and VOTE NOW_


Our partners at RTDynamics have provided us with an update to the RotorLib libraries, which introduces the simulation of Vortex Ring State. This effect occurs when a helicopter descends into its own down wash and it can cause a rapid loss of lift. We'll now be tweaking the individual helicopter configurations to support this feature. However, there is a chance the feature will not be ready in time for the November 4 release. Library updates can be risky and we don't have direct control over them. It may very well be decided that we'll leave the feature out of the Arma 3 Helicopters (1.34) release, and add it via the next update.

Our designers have also done a rather big iteration of the Sling Load Assistant. This User Interface element is accessible via RCtrl + B by default and appears in the lower-right of your screen while you are picking up a load. The iteration should improve its usability by making the presented information more intuitive and easier to interpret quickly. Staying on the topic of UI, we've also updated the Advanced Flight Model gauges. They now have improved textures and support the changeable color profiles.


Just when we thought we had a good update (1.32), it became clear campaign progress for many users got corrupted. This was swiftly hotfixed, but we apologize to those users who had already discarded their old saves. Testing compatibility of campaign progress (not mid-mission saves!) is part of our build tests. It worked for our internal testers, but apparently not in all cases and we should have caught that.