SITREP #00072

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on September 2, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Multiplayer progress, DLC survey, Publisher update


The fight against multiplayer issues continues. On Friday we published the 1.28 hotfix (the version had to be increased because of removing the new network messaging). In terms of technology, this brings the netcode back to the 1.24 state. We'll continue to search for clues as to why the changes cause issues with desync and increased bandwidth use (where actually they should do the opposite, and do so in repeated tests). There are many mixed reports across the versions, making confirmation of fixes extra challenging. On top of things, the 1.28 version caused an incompatibility with the BattlEye anti-cheat client. A fix candidate for this is being tested on Steam's RC branch (access code: Hotfix128Arma3), and it will reach main branch as soon as we get confirmation it works. Our first priority now is restoring multiplayer to 1.24 performance. Then we'll attempt to thoroughly review the new networking tech, solve any issues, organize more varied external tests (different servers, modes and mod mixes) and hopefully roll out the results.


We're looking for reinforcements to the Arma 3 animation team - and various other positions across Bohemia Interactive! Take a look at the 3D Animator and Junior Technical Designer roles, and if you're interested, send us a mail with your application. You'd be working on integrating new animation-related features into the game, processing MOtion CAPture data, configuring the animation graphs, and generally taking the movement of characters and animals to the next level.

Killzone Kid continues to enlighten the community with his documentation of our new event handlers and script commands. This week, he's also posted a nice little tutorial on the use of 3D User Interface objects in Arma 3 (similar to the compass on the map). If there are any other people out there with useful tutorials, do let us know @Arma3Official!


Several SITREPs ago, designer Jirí Zlatohlávek posted a request to provide feedback on our DLC strategy in an online survey. Many thanks for your contributions! We have collected over 750 responses and were very happy with the quality of the feedback. The relevant developers have already incorporated some of the suggested tweaks into the plans for Arma 3 Helicopters and beyond. We'll share more specifics on that in a future OPREP.


An update to the Arma 3 Tools suite was just released. Its highlight is the new iteration of Publisher. This Workshop publication tool has had a lot of its core code improved and it received a new skin, making it consistent with Launcher and Addon Builder. The latter has had a critical fix applied - to prevent the loss of source data in some cases. Cooperation with Valve's engineers had brought us even more good stuff: you are now finally able to run Buldozer in Object Builder and Terrain Builder even when running the application directly from Steam. Read all about the update in TECHREP #00014.