SITREP #00070

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on August 19, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update delay, Weapon Inertia, Sling Loading


There has been a small delay in getting the final 1.26 update Release Candidate approved and released. QA Lead Miloslav Cinko and his team uncovered a potential for desynchronized game states under some multiplayer conditions, and rightly insisted we hunt & kill that problem first. As of today the source has been found, the problem has hopefully been fixed and the new build is in testing. Also, several collateral optimizations were made as a result of the thorough investigation. We'll continue to update the Steam RC branch until the update is released proper. Whether that is tomorrow or a little later, depends on test results.

Meanwhile on Dev-Branch, we're getting ready to stage Weapon Inertia. As it's not part of 1.26, there is a decent size window for feedback and tweaks before this feature hits main branch. There will be an OPREP to accompany its Dev-Branch debut to explain our motivation for this feature, its benefits and how it affects / is affected by other gameplay aspects.


Tools Engineer Julien Vida has submitted a guide to the Community Wiki on Buldozer, the viewer used to visualize assets in tools like Object Builder and Terrain Builder. Buldozer is not actually a separate tool, but a sub-component of the game itself (triggered via command-line parameter). The guide covers preparing your modding environment, installing Buldozer and connecting it to the other tools.

The current state of Steam Workshop addons and the accompanying Launcher has been reported on in the latest OPREP by Jiří Zlatohlávek and Jiří Dočkal. Read up on how the Launcher matured from concept to initial release, what it's able to help you with now, and some of what we're working on next. Your developer Twitter scanners may have also picked up on a preview of the skinned Publisher tool on the other end of the addon publication loop.

The Make Arma Not War contest now has over 100 entries in its database. Take a look at the submissions in various categories, try out already-released content and support your favorites. We'd also like to remind aspiring modders that the submission phase will close in late October, so don't wait too long!


Sling Loading is ready to be staged on Dev-Branch. We're getting Weapon Inertia out first, but then it's time to start trying under-slung external loads for helicopters (and the rope technology at its core). We've configured the stock helicopters and suitable objects, so that the default sandbox is ready to support this means of transport. The feature is multiplayer-compatible as well of course. Some parts are still undergoing significant tweaking and finishing until Arma 3 Helicopters release. We're yet to set up the sound effect triggers in the audio engine, and the User Interface elements are being iterated.


A new set of scripting commands has been added to Dev-Branch, dealing with objects and their actual render position as opposed to their simulation position. That sounds a little vague, but it should help in cases where smoothness is key, such as drawing 3D icons via script. Community scripter Killzone Kid has documented the collection for you.