SITREP #00061

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on June 18, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update 1.22 imminent, Bootcamp status


Time for another main branch update! Later this week, we'll be deploying version 1.22. It's primarily a maintenance update (the last one before Bootcamp Update), but it does have a few highlights. Designer Jiří Wainar has wrapped up improving the campaign hub mechanics, with fixes to persistent gear and additional options during off-hub Patrol (vehicles and squads). An OPREP will detail these changes soon. Linux server admins should see a serious FPS boost thanks to optimizations by programmer Marián Krivda. And this is the update that will remove GameSpy technology and make Steam the default MP implementation (documentation on server queries inbound). If you'd like to get a preview of 1.22 and help us through final testing, you can temporarily download a special Steam branch 'Release Candidate Build' (access code Update122Arma3Splendid). That is the exact version we're testing for release, though there is no changelog available yet.

Oh yes, as much as many of us love following the football World Cup in Brazil - Arma 3 Balls will not turn into a real DLC. Perhaps an idea for a #MakeArma entry?


A recent script command let's you open a YouTube video directly in the Steam overlay (if enabled). openYoutubeVideo gives quite a bit of control over the various options, since you don't just provide the video ID, but other playback parameters as well. For security reasons we have restricted its use to outside scenarios only (e.g. in the game's UI or a mod's UI). We'll be using it ourselves to link & play the Community Guide series from within the game in Bootcamp Update.


Community member Westonsammy posted a poll on the forums asking everyone what they think we should focus on for Arma 3's continued development. We have formed our internal road map and presented large parts of it, however, it's certainly interesting for us to see what you think our priorities should be. We know it's not the first nor will it be the last thread of its kind, but cast a vote and discuss away!


Bootcamp Update is reaching its final stages of production. MOCAP was done a little while ago, and we are recording voice actors this week. Then the playable content designers will have all content to finalize their scenarios and get them through testing. We'll likely be staging parts of the package on devbranch quite soon after update 1.22, starting with the sandbox aspects.