SITREP #00056

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on May 13, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Development update


The team is working on a lot of things in parallel. Some devs are focused on near releases and others are doing pre-production on the expansion. Broadly speaking, the programmers are looking at more (multiplayer) optimizations and platform support. Most of them also have a long-term technology assigned, such as sling loading ropes, and they are doing feasibility studies and prototypes for those. They are working together with sandbox designers who typically provide analyses for the features (how should the tech be controlled? What are the functional requirements? Etc.). We would expect such features to be released to devbranch in advance of DLC releases. The RotorLib helicopter flight model for example, would be unleashed for the current fleet of helicopters well ahead of the new DLC helicopters being published.

Meanwhile our artists are producing assets ranging from supporting objects for the Bootcamp Update, to the new heavy transport helicopters, to initial static objects for the expansion terrain. The playable content designers are in full production of the Bootcamp tutorial content. These are not the tutorials you may expect; we've sought forms of content that teach relevant skills, but not just key bindings. They try to explain what Arma offers over more traditional shooters, and also to provide fun to veterans.


Resident Zeus GM Lukáš Haládik has been tweeting out some of his bits of advice for deity-in-training. Do you have tips for Zeus? Tweet them our way (@Arma3official) using #ZeusTips!


40 contestants have submitted their entries for Make Arma Not War so far and it's great to see their concept & promo materials, and even first-playables! In cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross there is a special prize for the entry that covers the theme of 'health care in danger' the best. Have a look at the project's Twitter. They are inviting contestants to contact them for information on the topic. A dedicated feature about this will be released on the MANW website soon!


We're going over requests and suggestions related to server administration. A few things have already made it to devbranch. It is now possible to store multiplayer scenarios in sub-folders. Note that these are still listed in the game as a flat list, but later the folder structure is to be represented in-game as well. A security feature makes it possible to whitelist certain file extensions for extensions.

Scenario designers might find it useful to know that an asset's texture randomization script routines can now be terminated by setting variable BIS_enableRandomization to false in the asset's variable space.