SITREP #00005

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on April 3, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Alpha Users
INFO: Development branch updates, code scams, SA80 mod


As maintenance on the Alpha proceeds (see the Development branch changelog), we are also pushing towards an internal project milestone. It deals with having all the content for our Q3 full game release available in the game (not in the public Alpha!) so we can measure project progress. Primarily this means a lot of work for our campaign designers and the Altis environment team. Recently seeing some of the vistas shown in the campaign scenarios blew us away: stunning and varied locations aplenty! The team also enjoyed a modest Alpha release celebration after work last Thursday. This involved teams in two cities drinking beer 'competitively' with the establishment providing real-time rankings. No casualties were reported and we're all back to work refreshed and rested.


Reminder: be aware of various scams supposedly offering free Steam codes! These are malware and trojan viruses designed to steal your account data.

The Community Focus widget on the main page was updated to put the spotlight on various different community projects (right side under the header - five tabs).

Community modder Kiory has released the results of making a custom SA80 rifle from scratch. Especially interesting was following his livestream to be part of the entire process from high-poly render to in-game and functional weapon. He also released all sources for others to learn from, making this an exemplary approach to modding.


The Feedback Tracker's changelog and roadmap have started to be used in a more useful way since last week. This allows the team and reporters to indicate when a fix may appear in the public builds, and what was resolved so far.

We are deploying updates to the Development branch on Steam every day (changelog). One operation that is ongoing is cleaning our text database. This may cause various texts to be missing until we're done.


Quite a few batches of Alpha Lite codes were released so far, and we'll continue to do so. If you have missed out until now: keep checking our Facebook and Twitter channels. There are also very many websites running competitions and giveaways.