SITREP #00045

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on February 25, 2014

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: OPREP - Refactoring anims, Patch incoming, Zeus intel


Our offices were recently invaded by a Task Force. They chatted with our developers, and recorded an impromptu Let's Play Arma 3 Zeus. The video quality is not great due to their recording setup, but there is a sneak preview of two new vehicles. You'll see the CSAT CAS jet in action with work-in-progress animations and sounds. A vehicle we have not yet spoken about, and which is coming to the 'Win' episode, is the Tempest heavy truck. Further diversifying the factions, this vehicle and the usual variants for ammunition, fuel and repairs, will be added to CSAT (as an additional vehicle, not replacing their fleet of Zamaks; avoiding issues in existing scenarios).

The rest of the video focuses on Zeus, showcasing more of its features and being mean to innocent goats. Zeus development itself continues rapidly. A few new features are available on devbranch already: load-outs for ammo containers & remote control of AI units.

Finally, we're preparing a main branch update which should hit next week. This update precedes the release of the 'Win' closing act, still targeted for late March.


The Community Focus got refreshed with a diverse range of highlighted projects. Have a look at a promising dinosaur mod, as well as the Tactical Battlefield PvP project. Next is a salute to another Russian community and we wrap things up with a playthrough of Zeus.

Speaking of, let's repeat a couple of aspects of Arma 3 Zeus to address common questions:

  • Zeus can be a physical character on the battlefield, or an almighty virtual presence.

  • There can be multiple Zeus in one scenario, not just one. This allows for concepts like Zeus versus Zeus with AI, and for distributing the load of managing the experience across more people.

  • Zeus can be both against or with the players or any mixture of that depending on the scenario.

  • Zeus powers and abilities can be limited in a scenario (e.g. any 'supernatural' powers can be disabled).

  • Starting with a blank canvas in Game Master mode is just one example of using Zeus technology. You can also layer Zeus on top of a fully scripted and pre-designed coop scenario. Perhaps in such case Zeus only influences the patrol routes of existing units.


Animation programmer Šimon Kolčiter posted an OPREP titled "Refactoring Anims". He goes over a behind-the-scenes effort to bring some much-needed organization and structure to our web of animations. Not a lot of this work is visible to players right now. Basically it produces the same results but in a better way. It will however allow for a more robust starting point for new animation-related features over the next years.


We are currently recording the voice acting for the 'Win' episode. That also means we'll do two new Radio Protocols (voices). One of these is live on devbranch already, while the second one is to be processed and will appear somewhere between now and the episode's release.