SITREP #00036

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on November 26, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: AAF vehicles, Licensed data


Last week was packed with reports; after the usual SITREP, we followed up with a SPOTREP for the 1.06 patch release. On the same day there was the premier TECHREP, to keep track of the release and updates to the Arma 3 Tools suite. Initially we'll be updating the tools on the same cycle as the main game, but we'll see how that goes. Keep reading for some hints of useful additions to the package coming up soon!

Another thing in the pipelines for imminent staging on devbranch: three more vehicles and a sniper scope! These will be part of the next game update. Find some more details below.


With the 1.08 update we'll be releasing the following AAF faction reinforcements (and more sandbox content):

  • MBT-52 Kuma - Main Battle Tank for the AAF
  • FV-720 Mora - the AAF's versatile Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • WY-55 Hellcat - maneuverable air transport and fire support for the AAF

The tank is entirely new and made from scratch by our artists. The IFV has seen action in BAF, but was vastly improved and given lots more detail. The copter was also passed on from the BAF, got new armament, skids and a fresh lick of paint.

A fresh rotation of the Community Focus widget takes a look at machinima, an Arma gaming community, custom soundtrack work and a whole bunch of scripting tutorials.


We'd like to give you some idea of what we're working on adding to the tools suite. There are still some secondary tools to add, such as the FSM editor and TexView. Further away, but in the works, is Steam Workshop integration. This is more complex than scenarios have been, but we consider it an important effort. Terrain creators among you are wondering why there is no Visitor release yet. This is unfortunately not quite so easy. Visitor 4 is based on licensed technology and we are not allowed simply to release it. We need to find consent of the licencor first before we can make it available to the community. We'll keep you updated.

Together with a crack team of Top Men, Ondrej Kužel (Oukej) has started some work on AI configuration. The goal is to: define how individual AI config params affect AI behavior, document and refine these settings; provide the common player more meaningful control over the difficulty of the AI; enable mission designers more useful control over AI configuration. If you'd like to keep track of this work or contribute some ideas, check out this forum thread.


Ready your broadband connections, because we stand on the verge of releasing lots of data for modders. Barring any showstoppers, we will next week be releasing data from pretty much all Arma 2 content. This will be done under new licenses, that make it possible to use the data to release within Arma games. It will no longer require case-by-case requests to use Arma 2 models and textures for Arma 3 mods for example. Things should be clear and accessible for anyone!