SITREP #00016

reported by Joris-Jan van 't Land on July 2, 2013

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Beta Users
INFO: Beta release, content additions, BattlEye and Workshop


Last Tuesday we transitioned from Arma 3 Alpha to Beta, and it went quite smoothly. This was yet another simulation of the release in Q3, letting us improve the processes. As with the Alpha release a few months back, this second major public milestone helps lift our spirits for the final sprint. We enjoy reading your positive comments and take your feedback and criticism to heart. We followed up with several days of significant changes and fixes on Development branch and will continue to do so. While we do not yet want to reveal the specific Beta additions we are planning, we think you'll be very happy to receive them. Two content packages are being readied with priority and they are both larger than the Sniper Package for Alpha.

The next couple of months are going to be a major test of our endurance. We need to support and maintain the Beta, but also prepare for the release later this year. That release comes with a lot of extra project tasks which must be done, but take away resources from in-game development. Games need rating, games need localization for various regions, the boxes need finalization, the disc-versions need a special installer and much more. Luckily we have some amazing people working with the core development team, helping with this publishing work.


Besides being busy with the Beta launch, the second reason for not doing a SITREP last week was the release of the next Community Guide video. In his fourth update, titled 'SITREP I', Andrew Gluck took a last look at the Alpha, ran through several community mods, and finally discussed the contents of the Beta.

We've also published another Report In! interview, this time with Quality Assurance Lead Miloslav Cinko. Read about how Arma 3 gets tested, and how Miloslav's team supports us to try for the best possible level of quality for every release.


One of the additions to the Beta was the Firing Drills challenge game mode. It's been insane seeing the record times and play through videos you've posted! This was just the first release of this mode, which will get updated with new features and of course additional drills. A key update coming as soon as possible is accuracy-based scoring. This will introduce an interesting trade off between moving through the Course of Fire quickly and scoring higher bonuses for accurate target engagements. Additionally, one of the goals for the Firing Drills is to make it possible to design an entire COF within the editor using modules, and to share it via Workshop. This is not yet possible now, and setting up a drill requires config work. Stay tuned for updates!


The two primary updates to the Beta we want to roll out on Development branch a.s.a.p. are BattlEye anti-cheat and Workshop for SP& MP scenarios. Both are being prepared now, so we can get them tested on that branch, before including them in a main branch update.