reported by Savage Game Design on December 17, 2021

UNIT: Savage Game Design
TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users
OPSUM: End-of-Year Review


Hello Arma 3 players! 

Ever since the release of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire Creator DLC in May 2021, the team at Savage Game Design has been working hard to keep you updated with MACV SOG veteran stories, live streams of gameplay, and content updates for both the DLC and the Mike Force game mode. We’d like to share some of the accomplishments from the past year and look ahead into 2022:


For over three years the team has been working very closely with veterans of MACV SOG, which inspired us to set our bar as high as possible. During the past year, we were fortunate to record in-depth interviews with these outstanding guys. Public beta testers also attended several live recordings and asked some inspired questions. You can watch these and learn more about MACV SOG’s secret war on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to sales of the DLC soundtrack we have so far donated $4,490 to the Special Operations Association which keeps SOG veterans connected. Due to Covid restrictions, the DLC team wasn’t able to attend the SOA reunion in October but we released a series of videos about making the DLC which were featured there. We hope to go in 2022 and report back on meeting our heroes in person!

We have more interviews planned for 2022 and in the meantime here is a special message for all S.O.G. Prairie Fire players, featuring Xmas stories from Vietnam and some live rock guitar from the soundtrack. Tilt’s Xmas jumper is a killer.


In the past months, actual veterans from MACV SOG have been learning to play Arma 3! These intense missions are led by veteran adviser El Cid, himself a former 1-0 recon team leader, and feature Ghostrider Don as a machine gunner, who served as a crew chief on 200 aerial combat missions supporting SOG. It’s truly fascinating to see how real vets of the secret war plan and communicate and react in intense jungle skirmishes.

Thanks to content creators OperatorDrewski, DigbyTathamWarter, and UselessFodder we regularly stream games on Sundays at 15:00 EST, and some of the previous sessions are in our playlist here.



Since the release of the DLC, gameplay director Spoffy has been updating our Mike Force multiplayer mission regularly. Following hundreds of quality of life updates and porting to the Khe Sanh map, it is now entering the final stages of beta. There are many new features coming soon including OPFOR vehicles, new building mechanics, and a better balance of AI forces to draw out engagements throughout zone capture. You can read the latest roadmap here.


The official Steam community Mod collection for S.O.G. Prairie Fire has seen a number of awesome updates in recent weeks including:


The official Steam community Mission collection for S.O.G. Prairie Fire has also been receiving regular additions from the community including:


In September, Team Savage joined forces with MACV SOG’s Dick Thompson and the Military & Veteran Gamers charity to raise funds to help veterans increase stress resilience. The SOG Charity Jungle Run was a 24 Hour Game Event supported and streamed by Arma 3 content creators which raised over $10,000 to help military veterans positively tackle stress. We are very grateful for the support of content creators Digby, OperatorDrewski, SheriffEli, UselessFodder, FriendlyNikolai, Savage Actual, IceTactics, and all others who took part in this amazing event!

This month saw the release of the first in a series of podcasts where combat veterans from MACV SOG and the MVG charity talk about stress and how to manage it. We can all benefit from learning how to handle stress better, and helping veterans in their service or post-service is an important mission for the Savage team. Keep an eye on the channel for more podcasts in 2022.


In February, long before the DLC was announced, the Paris Davis story, about an African-American Special Forces officer twice denied the Medal of Honor, made the front page of the New York Times and was featured on CBS TV. What nobody knew at the time, is that the S.O.G. Prairie Fire team played a secret role in helping prepare the Medal of Honor presentation package.

Scenes from Colonel Davis’ battle were recreated by Whiplash, Damian, and PapaBear using the unreleased Prairie Fire DLC with full support from Bohemia. As a result, the team was delighted to receive a personal thank-you from the U.S. Secretary of Defense in Washington! At the current time, the Secretary of the Army is reviewing the presentation and the team is hoping for good news in 2022. You can read the outstanding story of Paris Davis’ battle in the full Medal of Honor presentation here.


We can’t say too much about what we have in store for new DLC content in 2022, but the team is working hard on new content to take your Vietnam War experience to the next level. We have more interviews planned with some amazing SOG operators and aviators. D.Teo has finished a third graphic novel in the Recon Blues series and we’ll be releasing this soon. More texture templates are coming and we are currently working on some S.O.G. Prairie Fire official merchandise.


Lastly, the team at Savage Game Design would like to wish all our players a very Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year in 2022. As thanks for all your enthusiasm and support, the feedback, the mods and missions, the streams, and kind words on social media, we’d like to offer you two presents:

We have some amazing desktop wallpapers and a new digital graphic novel available free to download on our website here.

  • The S.O.G. Prairie Fire desktop wallpapers were created by Whiplash and PapaBear.
  • Recon Blues: The Wild Ones is a new digital graphic novel created by D.Teo using S.O.G. Prairie Fire and the Unsung mod. It’s the second in his Recon Blues series. You can also download Recon Blues: The Siege of Dak To on our website.

Merry Christmas and here’s to a fun-packed year in 2022. Stay cool out there!

Rob Graham
Project Director, S.O.G. Prairie Fire