reported by Vertexmacht on March 24, 2021

UNIT: Vertexmacht
TO: Arma 3 Users
OPSUM: Global Mobilization 1.3 Update


Hello Arma 3 Community!

We’re happy to present to you the 1.3 update for Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany (GM). Not only does this new version bring bug-fixes and useability refinements, we are also still dedicated to introducing new and free assets.

These are now available for every owner of the Global Mobilization Creator DLC.


Let us share with you a closer look at what we have added:

Schützenpanzer 1

The first real Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the West, developed to compete against the BMP-1 in the 1960s, the SPz 1 carries a good mix of weapons: A 20mm autocannon plus a coaxial MG3 and a LATGM launcher for long-range anti-tank capabilities. It is the ideal choice for mechanized warfare due to high cross-country mobility and enough front armor protection to stop enemy 20mm Armor Piercing rounds.

The SPz 1 is introduced in 3 different versions:

  • SPz 1A1A with no night fighting capabilities but a rear-facing MG3 turret operated by the squad leader inside the rear cargo compartment.
  • The SPz 1A1+ is an upgraded SPz 1A1A with very basic night fighting capabilities.
  • The SPz 1A2 had it’s rear-facing MG3 turret removed but gained a sophisticated Thermal Imaging system instead, making this variant a significant modernization of the SPz 1.

    UAZ 469

    Originally made in the Soviet Union this vehicle is a rugged, reliable and iconic piece of cold-war tech that found its way into GM. Here it will improve the mobility of light infantry patrols and aid paratroopers with highly mobile (and deadly) anti-tank capabilities.

    You will find it is available as a regular cargo variant big enough to carry up to 6 additional passengers next to a driver, as paratrooper’s anti-tank support vehicle with a special East-German mount for the SPG-9 recoilless gun and also as a patrol car with the heavy DShKM mounted. Yes we know this HMG-equipped UAZ version was not fielded by East Germany, but we’ve decided to still add it for gameplay reasons since we simply couldn’t pass such a variant over.

    Both the SPG-9 and DShKM are now also available on a tripod in the static weapons category for East German and Polish forces.

    West Germany 1990’s

    There is a burning desire within the community to see the addition of 1990s West German forces. We can finally reveal that this did not fall on deaf ears and we are now introducing the famous “Flecktarn” uniforms, together with a more adequate Panzerfaust 3 Anti-Tank weapon and everyone’s favourite “plastic rifle”: the G36.

    While the focus of Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany of course lies with the titular Cold War, we felt comfortable enough to push the timeframe to include this 1990s expansion. The technology and uniforms introduced in the 1990s were developed and extensively trialled during the 1980s in preparation for a new generation of conflict with the East. So for us that made it a good fit and a logical step to take to integrate into the project.

    GM’s campaign and missions will of course remain firmly rooted in the early eighties.

    Regarding those missions:
    We’ve taken the campaign’s last mission, “Republikflucht” (which is a more open world type “Escape and Evade” type scenario) and made it directly available from the Singleplayer Scenarios screen. It is still part of the campaign, so this is just an additional way of starting that mission without requiring a completion of “State Scarlet”.
    The Community’s reaction to “Republikflucht” was very positive due to the unique setting and replayability, so we wanted to make it more accessible to everyone. Good luck out there!

    Smaller Extras

    With the addition of the Granatpistole for West Germany and the Pallad grenade launchers (Both handheld and underslung) for Poland you are now given the ability to send 40mm grenades over greater distances. This augments the G3’s rifle grenades quite well. Check them out if you haven’t already.

    Speaking of convenient Anti Tank capabilities: The Danish have received their M72A3 LAW. While it has a very low-end armor-penetration power it does make itself very attractive through a very compact size and low weight that will not affect your endurance by much.

    Plain Sight

    An allround update was given to all of GM’s combat vehicles. They can now deploy camo netting and foliage attachments to hide and distort a vehicle’s shape in the distance.

    You can access these modifications from the Vehicle Garage for the following assets and all their variants:
    KPz 1, T-55 , PT-76B, SPz 1, BMP-1, TPz 1, SPW-60, SpPz 2, SPW-40P2, FlakPz 1A1, ZSU-23-4-V1, M113, BPz 2A0 and SKOT-2A.


    The Global Mobilization development team thanks you for your ongoing loyalty and support, and we hope you are as excited about these new additions as we are!

    As usual you can reach us on our Discord Server to get into direct contact with us developers should you have feedback, wish to report and resolve issues or you have a great idea for the project that you want to share!

    With true dedication,


    We’ve also included a small fire fighting vehicle variant based on the 2t Truck, and all emergency vehicles now have audible sirens. But we’re still committed to making this a military experience though, we promise!