Two sides compete to gather intel about a high-value target by securing various objectives.

  • Two playable sides (NATO & CSAT) are provided with a pool of objectives, and face a common (unplayable) enemy (AAF).
  • After establishing a Forward Operating Base, sides are free to plan and complete a series of objectives in any order. When completed, they contribute intel towards the location of important schematics.
  • When one side reaches a certain 'threshold' of intel, an 'end game' phase is triggered.
  • The leading side (the one which has more Intel) will be given the location of an unknown enemy device; they must retrieve the schematics and upload them their HQ, while the opposing side needs to prevent any upload.
  • The side tasked to prevent the enemy from uploading the schematics can still kill the schematics "Carrier", which gives them an opportunity to turn the game around and upload the schematics themselves.

These are features that support multiplayer gameplay, which are not specific to this mode.

  • These systems are scripted prototypes that, in short, aim to identify, validate, and prioritise the future development of multiplayer systems used across official and custom content.
  • 'Dynamic Groups': is an multiplayer feature that enables players on the same side to organise and administer their own squads.
  • 'Shared Objectives' builds on the existing tasks framework and visualises objective on the map, and indicates the number of players currently assigned to any given objective.
  • The development team hopes to add additional MP Systems during the public alpha phase.

We'd like to get some early gameplay feedback and validate new MP systems.

  • Our development processes enable us to publish changes to our players on a relatively frequent basis; however, we usually release official content at a later stage of development, after certain decisions are already 'locked down'.
  • We want to experiment with releasing a 'rougher' version of a small MP game mode to elicit gameplay feedback, and make the most of the Dev-Branch's potential for iterative improvement.
  • We're also developing MP systems that go beyond this mode. We'd like to validate these scripted prototypes, which we hope will be used by our community more broadly.

A mix! Subjective preferences to black-and-white issues, and everything in between.

  • While we don't have the time or resources to make radical changes or add huge new features, we aim to make modest, meaningful gameplay improvements based on community feedback.
  • Improving the experience of using the MP systems - which we hope will benefit official / community scenarios more broadly - is an important focus.
  • We're also interesting in using our scenario to profile performance, with a view to making further network/sever/performance optimisations.

Simply put, it's something like 'Alpha'.

  • However, the development is made up of various constituent 'modules'; some parts are further along than others!
  • While most of the basics are in place, there's still some room for change - and even new ideas - subject to reasonable constraints of time and complexity.
  • As development continues, we will further 'lock down' the scope of our development as we approach the final release.

It's available via the Development Branch of Arma 3.

  • You can access 'Dev-Branch' by selecting it under the 'Betas' tab of Arma 3's Steam properties. 
  • You can host the scenario by selecting it via the Multiplayer tab under Play on the main menu, and selecting 'New' in the server browser
  • Be warned: the development build is not final software; content and technology is subject to change and may still contain errors/ lack certain features.
  • Be warned again: this is an alpha version of a game mode in a beta-build environment.

Specific issues should be tickets on Feedback Tracker, general feedback is best shared on our forums.

  • We've created a special Feedback Tracker section for this mode and its associated MP systems. This is great for specific, objective issue reporting.
  • We've opened a thread on our Official forums. This is the pace for discussion and debate.

Yes, of course, just bear in mind the development is WIP!

  • We encourage you to make videos / livestreams / tell your pet rabbit about the game mode.
  • Share these experiences with us so that we can see how you're playing or what might be stopping you from playing the way you want!

Changelogs and developer play-sessions are chiefly announced on our forums.

  • A forums thread will track changes and public events we'll host.
  • Get up-to-the-minute progress by following the team's twitter spam!

Different parts of the team have different skills, experience, and work on different things.

  • This development is part of our longer-term goal to refine and expand multiplayer gameplay, it's a mix of shareable MP systems and fairly straightforward gameplay.
  • Developers have different expertise and areas of interest. This work doesn't negatively impact impact optimisation, model-making, new features, etc.
  • We're experimenting with bringing in external voices at a relatively earlier stage of development; this approach, we hope, makes us more reactive and helps us focus upon the community's needs.


This MP mode is a product of our entire team's hard work, but we can identify a few devs that are most closely related to its development. Although they work on various other tasks, too, this is the 'Task Force' that will be keeping tabs on progress.


Nelson Duarte

MP Mode architect, Dynamic Groups Scripted Prototype

Filip Rybar

Game Mode quality guardian


Jiri Wainar

Shared Objectives Scripted Prototype

Thomas Ryan

Revive Scripted Prototype


Jaroslav Kasny

Design Lead

Miloslav Cinko

QA Lead


Matt Lightfoot

Playtest Coordination

Jay Crowe